Newly Completed work!
16″ x 20″ ltd. ed. Prints / $100

This painting has been an idea in my head for a few years…a swirly faded image that danced through my mind’s eye. Upon returning home from the Philippines, and after meeting my extended family and seeing the island where my parents grew up, it all became perfectly clear. This image holds many parts of me, the land I live in, the ancestors that that swim in my blood, the sun and the rain that nourish my body, my spirituality, and the path that I keep moving on. Each one of us wears our coats, and each is as beautiful and intriguing as the next.

Canvas prints in stock!

canvas giclees 2015

I currently have these two beautiful Alberta inspired landscapes in stock as canvas prints.

Top image:  AS ABOVE, SO BELOW  12″ x 36″ canvas print $390

Bottom image:  THE EXPANSE OF THE LAND 18″ X 36″ canvas print $460

Shipping is free in Canada from now until Christmas!

To order, please contact Bernadette by email

A Christmas Show in Edmonton at Cafe Blackbird


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NaturesGrace smallAwake copydaffodils by bernietulips

My work will be on display throughout the month of December in Edmonton’s Café Blackbird.  For information on dates and location, please click here.

My new image can be found at Society6

transition bedspreadtransition bedspread transition mug

My newest image titled “TRANSITION” is now available from my store at Society6, which is a company in the U.S. that creates beautiful, high quality home decor using artists’ images.  For a unique look in your home, you can get fine art printed onto a variety of items to add color and style that is all your own.  To view my store, please click here.

2016 Calendars are here!

calendar collage

Bernadette McCormack Calendar $30

To order, please contact Bernadette by email

A Bernadette Coloring Book…

coloring book image

10 years ago I was approached by many people who suggested that I make a coloring book from my images.  I am not that savvy on the computer, so I resisted the idea until I was asked by two young youth workers to create the book so that they could use it to work with teenagers.  Well, this was the motivation I needed to start the ball rolling.  With the help of my graphic designer, she was able to take my existing images and drop the color out of the picture and leave us with the black lines.  This is my second edition of my coloring book.  It was updated a few years ago to include some of my more recent work.  I have always encouraged adults to color.  Now, with the new coloring craze going around, I am happy to see that more adults are reaching towards playing with color!

Bernadette McCormack Coloring Book $20

To order, please contact Bernadette by email

A Christmas Show in Edmonton

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My work will be on display throughout the month of December in Edmonton’s Café Blackbird.  For more information, please click here.

Layaway Plans


After just a few months, with the help of a layaway plan that suited her budget, my client was able to bring this painting home.  All of my originals are available for purchase through a payment plan that can be spread out for as long as a year.  If you would like more info regarding this method of attaining a painting, please email me.

6 traits in unity low res


SOCIETY 6 is the coolest online store…

Would you like to see my art on a pillow, rug, shower curtain or wall clock?  Please check out my store at society 6 to find all these and more!

pillowduvet coverwall clock





This painting is a reflection of my morning musings as I sip my coffee under the big cedar that spills over me from my neighbors yard. In the painting, there are 4 trees, which symbolize a mother and father and two children. The trees are grounded, connected to the earth, and part of one system: family. There are four winged creatures in the painting that represent each person’s individualization, their unique being, in essence, their soul. The winged creatures are detached, free from the bounds of the earth. The ribbon of wind encircles each tree, tying the family together. Each day I pray for those I love for blessings great and small to find them.

24″x 24″ original acrylic sold
24″x 24″ canvas giclee prints $470 / 16″x 20″ ltd. ed. prints $100



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