Artist Statement

Bernadette painting

Bernadette painting in her Duncan, BC studio

I paint to communicate positive messages to the world. We live in a time where there is a lot of negative energy all around us, and fear can take up a lot of our time if we let it. My paintings are created to remind people of the beauty that is within and around us.

Love, life, and patterns found in nature are my immediate inspirations. The whimsy and delight of the natural world, as expressed by artists Lauren Harris and Ted Harrison, have remained an inspiration for me since I began painting in 1992. My multicultural background, and my love of travel, has aided in the development of the primitive feel my paintings express.

My work can be described as Naïf or Naïve paintings, which is an art form that is characterized by an apparent simplicity and freedom.  It is considered to be free of convention, full of colour, expresses a general sense of joy, happiness, and spontaneity and offers complex imagery and symbolism. My paintings are bold, colorful and clean.  I creates simple lines to portray my ideas and I let the colors of the piece tell the story.  To create my final colors, I layer thin glazes of translucent paints several times to create the vibrant, saturated pigments found in my work.  Each painting is finished with clean black lines that allow each section of the piece to ring through and touch the viewer.

When I am in my studio, I am in my bliss. It is my hope that when someone sees one of my pieces, they, too, will find their peace.


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