“When I am in my studio, I am in my bliss.
It is my hope that when someone sees one of my pieces,
they, too, will find their peace.”


I paint to communicate positive messages to the world. We live in a time where there is a lot of negative energy all around us, and fear can take up a lot of our time if we let it. My paintings are created to remind people of the beauty that is within and around us.

Love, life, and patterns found in nature are my immediate inspirations. The whimsy and delight of the natural world, as expressed by artists Lauren Harris and Ted Harrison, have remained an inspiration for me since 1992. My multicultural background, and my love of travel, has aided in the development of the primitive feel my paintings express.


Born in Alberta, Canada in 1964 to Filipino immigrants of Spanish ancestry, Bernadette McCormack has led a culturally diverse life. At nine years of age her family moved to Holland. For three years they had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe. This began a love for travel in Bernadette that has led her to many places in the world, as well as to experience teaching opportunities in Mexico and Santo Domingo. These were two strong influences in Bernadette’s artistic life. While traveling and teaching in Mexico in 1992, the experience of the elements, the culture and the landscape moved Bernadette to begin her painting journey. Then by the time she returned to Alberta a year later, Bernadette’s approach to her artwork had been transformed. As a result she was well on her way to developing the maturity that is evident in her style today.


Once again, while teaching in Santo Domingo in 2001, Bernadette found herself inspired by the Caribbean Islands and the power of the elements. Haitian folk art was prevalent on the island and through the influence of native craft. The essence of primitivism surfaces in her work today.
Bernadette returned to Alberta with her family in 2002 and settled in Calgary. She joined the Night of Artists in 2003 and was involved in NOA art shows in Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. In 2005, she wrote, illustrated, and published her first children’s book titled In the Land of Sweet Dreams (Hummingbird Studio 2005).

Bernadette currently resides in Duncan, B.C. on Vancouver Island. Meanwhile she is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and is an honorary member of the Alberta based NOA Group.


Bernadette’s work has been chosen to participate in a variety of projects over the years. Most recently, her work was installed as wall and ceiling murals in the new acute care wing at the BC Children’s Hospital. She was involved in The BC Lions Club “Eagles in the City” fundraising project in 2008/09. Bernadette was also included ain Sarasota, Florida’s “Embracing Our Differences” in 2009. The Royal Canadian Mint commissioned her to submit design ideas for collector’s coins in 2012. Her work was chosen by The Calgary Stampede’s “Artist Ranch Project” in 2013 and the “Western Art Auction” in 2014-2017.

Bernadette’s work is recognized by her whimsical style, bold colors, and clean black lines. Her paintings are uplifting and vibrant.

Her studio is open to the public, and she welcomes visitors from around the world to come and see her paintings and where she works.