Mural Art at the BC Children’s Hospital

I am so proud to have my art used for murals in the new tech acute care centre at the BC Children’s Hospital.  The process involved was long and complicated, but I am very pleased with the final results!

Last year I was chosen to provide healing art for the processing/sedation room murals.  I was sent the blue-prints for the room and the measurements were in millimetres.  Needless to say, there was a lot of math involved before the paintbrush hit the canvas. I was required to create paintings that were 1/4 scale the size of the walls and the ceiling.  Once the paintings were complete, they were digitally captured and blown up to the required sizes and transferred to vinyl, at which point the vinyl was installed on the walls and ceilings.   In October, the artists were invited to view their work.  When I walked into the room, I was completely surrounded by my art.  It was a thrill.  But what is even more thrilling for me is how my work is being used to help calm and heal the children that will unfortunately be visiting the room.  As a former kindergarten teacher, I wanted to make sure that there were distracting things for the children to look at.  The ceiling is dreamy and calm.  The main wall depicts a sailboat that is intended to represent the child, and all the things in the painting are moving toward the sailboat, representing the nurses, doctors and parents, all simultaneously working to help the child feel better.


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